Mandatory Water Conservation in Effect

NGWCo_Mandatory Conservation

As of today–Saturday, November 15, 2014–North Gualala Water Company’s Mandatory Water Conservation Program (MWCP) is in place. This is because the stream flows in the North Fork of the Gualala River have fallen below prescribed levels as outlined in the resolution.

Refer to the Mandatory Water Conservation page for more information and a summary of the water use restrictions and violation fines. The Conservation Tips page has a variety of water saving methods for you to try at home.

All customers will receive an automated phone call notifying them of the MWCP activation.

Please call the office during working hours if you have any questions.

Statewide Emergency Water Conservation

The State Water Resources Control Board has imposed emergency water conservation measures across the state.  You can read about them here.

These measures are separate from North Gualala Water Company’s upcoming mandatory conservation plan.

Proposed Mandatory Conservation

Last week the California Public Utilities Commission sent out the proposed mandatory conservation plan to interested parties who requested notification at the public meeting held on April 25, 2013.

A copy is available here.


1970s Water Saving Suggestion

If you want a good laugh, check out this California Department of Water Resources advertisement that aired during the 1970s drought. Enjoy!

State of California Declares Water Emergency

Just 10 days after Mendocino county declared a water emergency, the state of California has followed suit.

Over the last couple of years, North Gualala Water Company rate payers have reduced their water consumption greatly under voluntary conservation efforts.  Now is the time to really buckle down and conserve even more!  Head over to our conservation tips page for a variety of ideas to save water.

Governor Brown is requesting that all California residents reduce their water use by 20%. So how much water is that anyway?  A typical water bill might be 300 cubic feet and reducing that by 20% means using 60 fewer cubic feet of water per month–or about 450 gallons.  That sounds like a lot but it’s only about 4 completely full bathtubs worth of water every month.  Per day, that’s a reduction of about 15 gallons or the equivalent of a full double-basin kitchen sink.

Mendocino County Declares Drought Emergency

In the news yesterday was an article about Mendocino County officials declaring a  drought emergency.

How is your family working to reduce water use during this crisis? This extreme drought  requires intense conservation by everyone.

At this time, North Gualala Water Company does not have a mandatory conservation policy in place but will soon.  It is awaiting final review by the California Public Utilities Commission.  But it’s never too early to start saving water!  Practice makes perfect, so click over to the tips page to find suggestions on saving water all around your property.

As always, everyone at the water company appreciates your efforts to save water!

Mandatory conservation: coming soon

The water company is working with the State Water Resources Control Board to create a  mandatory conservation plan.  It will be posted here and in the Independent Coast Observer (local paper) when it is finalized.